The BBC micro:bit is small pocket sized computer to help with learning about coding and electronics. The micro:bit is a fun way to learn (even for adults) and the BBC is offering a set of 30 micro:bits to UK primary schools for use with 8 to 11 year olds.

The current application period is open between 15th May 2023 and 18th December 2023, with micro:bits being sent out by March 2024. UK primary school teachers can find the application form at:

Only one teacher per school can apply, and the BBC are also offering teaching resources to help when teaching with the micro:bit. Full terms and conditions are available via .

Some examples of the electronics that can be done via the micro:bit, and some additional components include:

A circuit to light an LED:

A circuit to light multiple LEDs in sequences:

Using a Buzzer:

The micro:bit can be used with Python and Scratch to utilise the LEDs on the device to make projects like name badges, faces and games like Rock, Paper, Scissors. Examples of these projects are available at:

If you are not a UK primary school teacher and want a micro:bit, or want components to go with a micro:bit then check out stores like Pimoroni.